Meet Pookie Lu Little Bug.  
She lives with Terri, Al, Abbygail, and friends in Oregon.  Watch for her in the upcoming productions of  " The Tails of Abbygail."  She will be starring in "The Adventures of Pookie Lu Little"  Episode #6 in a series of 10 movies.   Check it out....Go to 
to learn all about Pookie Lu's new friends and all their wonderful adventures.

Southern Legacy 
Charlotte lives in Ravanel, SC
Baily lives in Atlanta, GA
L'il Maggie lives with Lexi in Isle of Palms, SC 
Sammie lives in Myrtle Beach, SC
Scooter lives with Etta & Dean  in
Moncks Corner, SC
Bentley lives with Sanco in Baltimore, MD 
Bobby Heart lives with 
Crystal in Loris, SC 
Our Past Puppies 
Winston lives with Janet in Johns Island, SC

Sophie lives in Moncks Corner, SC  with Carl and Betty.
Southern Legacy's 
Raz-Ma-Taz "Taz" lives with Michelle and Duane in Summerville, SC
Southern Legacy's Peaches-N-Cream

The babies 
at play
Spunky lives with Brandon in Charleston, SC
Ella lives in Summerville, SC with Madison, Marlee, and Bert
Lexie lives in N. Charleston, SC with Jessica.
Sissy at 3 weeks  
9 weeks
RB short for Rhett Butler 
Dora lives in Rockhill, SC with Robert and Margaret
Chloe lives with Jaylynn, Crystal, and David in James Island, SC   
BillyJax lives with Don 
and Tammy in Victorville, CA.  
Tahloola lives with Colleen and Martin in Mt. Pleasant, SC.    
This little fella lives in Goose Creek, SC with Anna, Jay Scott, 
and Nick.   
This little fella lives with the Greenhalgh family in Cola, SC.   
Cody lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with the 
Davis family.  
Southern Legacy's Montgomery Jack lives in Waterloo, SC 
with Ansley, Angie, and Terry.

6 weeks
Chloe is living in
 Charleston, SC
with Kevin.  
 6 weeks
Sophie lives in Bonneau, SC with Lucy, Roxie, Trish and Joe.    

Radie is still here with us.  What a nice little girl she is too!  Reserve best pup first time shown at just 4 months old.  
Southern Legacy's Maximus (Max) lives in Zebulon, NC with Jesse, Stephanie,  
and Marco.   
Jumpin Jack Flash lives in Summerville, SC with Denise and David.  
Lady is lives with Connie and James in Holly Hill, SC.  

Chance lives in 
Orrtanna, PA with 
Jayme, Rebecca, and family.    
This is little Sophie at 13 weeks.  She is blossoming into a beautiful young lady.  Thank You Trish for the updated photo.
Sadie Hana lives in GooseCreek, SC with Kay, David, and Mickey
This awesome little fella "GATOR" lives in St. 
Stephens, SC with Lisa and Tim.
Southern Legacy Isabella "Izzy" lives in NY with Donna, Tim, and Brody. 

Jaqueline lives in Goose Creek, SC with Kaitlin.  

Freckles lives in Chapel Hill, NC with Susan
Cain lives with Don, Kelly, Kaitlyn, and Jacqueline (one of our previous puppies) in Goose Creek, SC  

Hampton lives in Terrell, NC with the Garcia Family.
Piper lives with Paige in Charleston, SC
Lacy will be staying here with us.  
Look for her at the 
JRTCA Terrier Trials in 2011 
L'il Miss Lacey
Stonewall Jackson Fowler lives in Ravenel, SC 
with the Fowler Family.  
Daisy lives with the Fowler Family in Virginia.  She is a very sweet and laid back little girl with a nice head, lightly broken coat, tons of bone, and is just full of color.  
This beautiful GIRL lives in Summerville, SC with the Mackey family.
This Handsome fella lives in N. Charleston, SC with Dianne and Linda
Maggie Mae 
lives in Maine with the 
Thompson family
Tucker lives in Summerville, SC with the Ledford Family
The Girls At Play
Samuel lives in Summerville, SC with 
the Johnson family
This little 
girl lives in Summerville, SC 
with Randy
Hunley will be staying here with us for a little while.  
Deuce lives in Summerville, SC 
with Logan, 
Raife, and Claire.
Pawley lives with Tommy, Donna, and Carter 
in Winterville, NC
Google lives in 
Fayettville, NC with 
Edwin and Tristan
JC at 8 weeks
lives in 
Ladson, SC with 
George and Marcie

"Taz" lives in 
Summerville, SC
with Tom and Theresa



 8 weeks
Bindi and Buster Playing 

Bindi lives in Charleston with Teri and Stewart.

BUSTER lives with the Casselman Family in Jamestown, SC.  

Patches lives in Shreveport, LA. with Matthew

Dutch lives in Orleans, Indiana with Matthew Family 
This little fella is such a sweet little guy.  He has a beautiful heavily broken coat. 
He lives in Charleston, SC with Lydia 
Sally lives in 
Moncks Corner, SC with Peggy
Buster lives in Charleston, SC 
with Debbie
This little fella lives in Blackville, SC with Josh and Michelle
This little fella is a white and black heavily broken/rough coat is living with the Estes Family in Jefferson, NC
This sweet little girl lives with the Whetsell Family in North Charleston, SC
Rosco P. Coltrane will be living with the Riddle Family in Dorchester, SC.
Guinness lives in North Charleston with Beth, Rusty, and Calleigh
Jeb is a white and black heavily broken/rough coat is living in Pendleton, SC with Karen and Mike.  His name is Southern Legacy "Jeb" Stuart after James Ewell Brown Stuart (1833-1864) who was probably the most famous cavalryman of the Civil War.  
Jackson is a white and black smooth to slightly broken coat.  He lives with the Collins Family in Ladson, SC